Site Rules

The rules are pretty straightforward:

  • No real names of people, specific locations, or the companies they work for, etc. This is for obvious reasons: to protect everyone’s privacy, and to also help keep you guys and dolls from getting in trouble should your boss or anyone else who may sign your paychecks, or from a user who may realize a story is about them, should they come across this site. So please change, erase or obscure people’s & company’s names when speaking of them, so that it can’t be easily tracked back to whoever wrote the posting.
  • No real contact info: Same as above, please don’t post up someone’s real contact info on here. For any screencaps or copy/pastes of emails, tickets, etc., please obliterate the particular contact/company info into something that purposefully leads nowhere, or change it to something otherwise generic. The last thing any of us want is for you or the site to get in a boatload of trouble because someone posted something that would allow a user/coworker/etc. to be contacted and/or harassed or mocked because of contact info someone unscrupulous posted on this site.
  • Please refrain from discussing or posting about controversial topics (politics, religion, those sorts of things), or things that are guaranteed to arouse passions or start an argument or flamewar on the front page of the site. There’s plenty of other sites on the internet for such topics, but this site’s front page isn’t the place for it.
    • If you do feel so inclined to post a controversial topic or something that’ll arouse passions on this site, please do so in the Hot Button Topics section of the Site’s Forum…
  • And on that note, please keep it civil. That’s pretty self explanatory
  • Try to avoid posting excessively large images, or so many that the post gets lost in it. I don’t wanna set a firm number, so just use good judgement.
  • No pornography. Again, we all know about Rule 34, but none of it belongs on this site.
  • No posting of spam on here. Self explanatory…
  • Nothing illegal. Same thing, if you feel inclined to do anything brazenly illegal, please do so elsewhere.
  • No trolling or cyberstalking. Due to my own experiences with both, as well as my desire to not have anyone else go through that horrid experience, known trolls and cyberstalkers will be permanently banned from the site immediately upon discovery.
  • Cross-posting of funny stories/content is absolutely permissible, but only if it is your own original content that you yourself have written, or you have the explicit permission of the person who wrote the content you are posting. The rules above still apply regarding changing/obliterating info.

If anyone commits a minor infraction of the rules, I’ll send you a written warning, and ask you to adjust your postings accordingly, but for continued minor infractions, or any violations of major rules (specifically the troll/cyberstalker one, as well as posting porn, spamming or anything illegal) will be met with account suspension and/or even permanent banishment and deletion from the site.

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