And why do you think it would be overheating?

Client of mine, one who actually seems to understand about computers to some extent, got a machine about five years ago. Within a week it started overheating, so it went back to the builder. The builder couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, he ended up holding onto it for about six months, trying to diagnose it. Eventually he just bolted more fans into it and called it a day.

About six months ago this client contacted me to build her a new machine. Basically a performance box with a nowhere video card… knowing the problem she’d had with her last machine, I loaded up the Mersenne Prime search program and ran that non-stop for a week. No problem, and the fans never seemed to get up past about half throttle. She was amazed at how quiet the machine was in operation… particularly since the old one had at least four big fans screaming away at full blast, and the new one was pretty much idling along with two.

Last week, the old machine finally died – apparently blew up a semiconductor in the power supply. She wants it repaired, so she can use it as a backup machine… so the first thing I do is yank the heat sink to see if I can figure out why it’s so hot. And it turns out it’s really easy to see – the builder had left the tension springs out. So the cooler was just sort of floating about a sixteenth of an inch above the CPU. How do you even do that?

So I got a new heat sink as well as the new PSU, and now she’s stunned at how quiet it is, how quiet it should always have been I guess…

I wish I could say the builder has since gone out of business. But no, he’s still handling computer needs for the company where my client found him…

Things you don’t say if you like your job

Apparently today some techs got fired. First one a 20 year veteran of the company was talking over an open radio channel and when he was asked to divert to another location, he asked why, when told it was due to management request he said over the open channel “I don’t give a crap what management wants”. Guy was escorted out by the owner less than 2 hours later this morning.

Then these other techs at our 2nd location decided at lunch today to swerve and almost hit someone, then swear at the person, call them names and flip them off. They were in the company car. Bad call guys, they were within a week of getting hired onto the company from the temp service, they were also escorted out personally by the owner today. Normally there is someone else that does that sort of thing, but the owner was at the office today and decided to take out the trash personally.

Color blind

So coworker, we shall call him J, never listens and likes to argue. Since I started here 8 weeks ago he has always gone to another room to print anything color. I ask why not use ours and he insists it is not a color printer. So I got new ink cartridges, replaced them, printed out a helpful sign on our printer and put it on the printer today. Taking bets it takes him a week to notice.



Christmas isn’t kind to everyone

Heard this one yesterday from one of the coworkers at my new job.
Troll level expert.
One of my coworkers sent the boss a message last Christmas, red letters on green background, cc’d to all IT ppl.

Why is this trolling? Boss is red/green colorblind. Boss went around asking everyone  if there were words on the message. Luckily boss has a great sense of humor and laughed about it.

Reasonable Expenses

My boss assigns me to support a new department, thinking they might need some extra attention.  I get a call from a really, really nice guy having some issues.  Turns out, their whole office has been neglected for ages, they have issues with network connectivity and, possibly some malware.  I can’t be sure without taking a look myself, and I can’t fix anything without logging in as an admin.  I’m very eager to help.

“Yeah, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had support for a while.  Honestly, in order to even get started, I’d have to check out this computer, run some tests, and if you don’t have the admin login, I’m going to have to be physically at the computer so I can override it.”

“Oh, that sounds great!  There’s just one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“The computer is in Rome.”

“… You know, I really think this constitutes a need for a company-paid trip.”