This is where it’s at…

Between social media becoming a mud pit and a general sense of loss for the original TSC, I have to ask… am I the only one who is starting to make a serious effort to go back to pre-Facebook web habits? Give me a screen full of text any day.

Was trying to message Skippytpodar

I was trying to message Skippytpodar, but that doesnt look possible with the way the site is setup.

I have created and was looking for ideas on what would make it better. I am also trying to get  the word out that the site is up and running.

I remember the old site and was dissapointed to find that it no longer exists. I started working on before finding that several of the users came here. I have not built the forums, as i am not trying to take users away from here.

Please contact me at I would like to work with like minded people to make it a great site.

Please feel free to delete this message. I completely understand.

Life as a customer

I love the company I work for and support the services we offer so much that I am also a customer.  Until recently there has never been an issue with my provided internet service until a week and a half ago.  Tower started dropping traffic randomly.  Fortunately for me I got to see the work that was being done behind the scenes to diagnose the weirdness that was going on but as an end user it was very frustrating to have your internet just die for anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours randomly…  Turns out to have been a piece of hardware that failed, hardware that has never failed on any other tower that we know of, some of these devices have been up and running for over 7 years…  but it’s fixed.  But tonight I get to play self entitled customer as I’m calling in to complain and get a credit since I had to actually drive into the office 2 extra times this week.  I’m looking forward to being the demanding customer tonight but I know I won’t be able to take it too far because I know what the care agents deal with.  Not to sure if I won’t be able to hold back my evil laughter when demanding a months free service…MHAUAHAUAHAU!!

Typical calls…

Since moving to my new team, here’s a short smattering of the kinds of calls I’ve been getting…

“Hi, I don’t know if I got the right group but… (proceeds with the Lord of the Rings in length version of her password problem)”

“Hi, I have a major incident, I can’t log into $program all of a sudden”

“I need a new monitor for my computer”

“Hi I need to reset my password”

Bear in mind, ours is the very last option on the call tree and very clearly states that we only handle major incidents affecting multiple sites, states, regions or the whole country, and not problems with individual computers or user issues. People up the food chain have sworn up and down  since March that they will remove our number from the help desk call tree, but have yet to do so, and on a hunch, I called in a few times to one of the other options and the shortest wait time I was quoted was 90 minutes. And when I tell these poor souls they have to call somewhere else, I’m usually met with a mix of indignation, resentment, resignation, requests to be transferred (which we can’t do since our phones have no transfer button), and outright anger since they confuse our inability to help them with an unwillingness to help them. In fact, some local IT shops specifically tell the users to call us directly and avoid the other options entirely, even though we have no way to help them due to our lack of access to many systems.

And yet, between this, the new management that has little to no clue what their doing, the utter lack of direction, being pulled in a half dozen different directions to do things I was never trained to do with programs I didn’t even know existed, the complete absence of anything resembling SOP’s, call lists, or any other written policies on how to perform this job (as well as many other things I haven’t mentioned), it’s no wonder most of the people in my group are actively looking for outside positions, dusting off their retirement papers, or otherwise loooking elsewhere for gainful employment.