• Tech Support Comedy – TSC is the site that started it all for a number of us here on the site, and many of us were sharing stories for years on TSC. Sadly, in April 2015, it was the unfortunate victim of a DDOS attack, and the site hasn’t been brought back up since.
  • Acts of Gord – This site is an incredibly well-written site about the tales of a video game store owner. Gord writes it in the style of a prophet, and his stories, while not strictly tech support, have many of the same struggles as those of us in tech support.
  • Tech Tales – Another tech support website where people share their stories. It’s one of the very first sites for posting stories back when the Internet was starting to blow up. While posts are somewhat less frequent than when the site started, it’s still a treasure trove for stories.
  • The Chronicles of George – This site is absolutely hilarious, and tells the tale of a Tier 1 IT person named “George” (his name was changed for obvious reasons), who in the words of the website itself, is the worst helpdesk technician ever. From his tendency to type “havening” instead of “having” in tickets (and other horribly mangled words), tickets that have hilariously minimal info in them, to his downright bad attempts to fix it himself, this website is nothing short of hilarious.
  • Judy Patch – This website is an (alleged) example of someone hearing some IT buzzwords and immediately declaring themselves an IT expert. On the site, she claims that a motherboard is a CPU, that a flash card is the same as RAM, that a hard drive and thumb rive are one and the same, and hackers can get into your “hard drive” by using IP addresses that the government keeps track of you with, as well as misspelling Pentium as “Pentum”, and declaring it was a company and not a CPU. Judy even claims her site was hacked and she was asking for donations to restore the site. Besides the garish font, background color that can induce instant migraines, and hilariously incorrect information (complete with pictures no less), there is still a fierce debate to this day in several IT circles as to whether this site was put up by a real person named Judy Patch, or was simply an elaborate hoax.


  • Dilbert – The unofficial Patron Saint of Tech Support, the Dilbert comic has shared our pain of doing IT and tech support in the corporate world for years.
  • xkcd – One of the best comics for geeks & nerds. While it’s very simply drawn, it’s rife with references to everything from IT and physics to Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.
  • Penny Arcade – What started out initially as a comic strip for video game afficionados, morphed into a geek-fest, referencing other genres as Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the list goes on.
  • The Order of the Stick – This D&D-based comic book is a classic among those who reminisce of playing Dungeons & Dragons, and who still do. While the drawing is pretty much limited to stick figures, the writing is amazingly hilarious.
  • Cyanide & Happiness – While not always SFW, this comic is still rather entertaining

Geek Stores

  • ThinkGeek – For the geek inside all of us, this site has almost every piece of geek related merchandise you can imagine, that isn’t only fun, it’s curiously functional as well. It has everything from geek apparel, toys, electronics to collectibles and geek kitsch items, it’s the perfect site to purchase something for the geek in your life 🙂
  • NewEgg – This is the website most IT folks go to to purchase the computer component they simply MUST have. While some sites may have lower prices, IT people know to avoid some of those sites and go to NewEgg because it’s earned a solid reputation for customer support, fast delivery, and having the stuff IT people want and need to have for that perfect rig.

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