• Skippy, you mentioned elsewhere that you were cyberstalked on another site, care to talk about it?
    • I finally feel somewhat confortable doing so after a few years. A former coworker of mine, after I had already transferred to another facility, harbored a grudge against me. Why he held this grudge, or the reasons behind it, remain a mystery to this day, but suffice to say, he couldn’t just let bygones be bygones. He proceeded to come onto a site I frequented (Tech Support Comedy), and began harrassing me, threatening to get me fired because of what I had posted on there, etc. When the other users on there (several of whom are on this site as well) rallied around me and basically exiled him from that site, he proceeded to email my coworkers where I worked, informing them that I was speaking ill of them, calling them idiots, etc. The site’s chief of police, information security officer, and others all discovered pretty quickly who it was, and said to me I was within my rights to have the guy prosecuted for cyberstalking at the very least, and he was told in no uncertain terms to have no contact with me whatsoever. However, I still ended up getting in a measure of trouble, and against the explicit recommendations of the aforementioned investigative team, who said I shouldn’t be punished at all, I was still written up by people who seemed to care more about their own hides than their employees. Needless to say, I didn’t stay there very long either. This is very much a part of why anyone who I discover to be cyberstalking on here will be dealt with swiftly and with prejudice, since I don’t want others to go through what I did.
  • Where do all your stories come from?
    • In all honesty, they come from our work experiences, and all of them, save for the name/work changes, (and whatever other minor details may give away where a person works or whom they work with) are all 100% true. We can’t make up the things said, done, or written in an email if we tried, and the depth of people’s stupidity when it comes to computers never ceases to astound us.
  • Why are you asking for support for the upkeep of this website? Can’t you just charge people for making an account on here?
    • I could, but it would kinda defeat the purpose. Website support costs money, time, effort, and upkeep, and I’d feel significantly better having someone give small amounts because they want to, and ensure they can post all they want for free, then force them to pay a certain amount per month for the privilege of posting and commenting on here.
  • How long have you been doing this?
    • I’ve been doing tech support for over 16 years now, 4 at a major University, and 12 for everyone’s favorite Uncle. There are others on here who have been doing tech support for much longer than I have.
  • Can you fix my computer?
    • No
  • It’ll only take a second?
    • Funny I’ve heard that before…
  • But it’ll be easy for you
    • Again, no. Contrary to popular belief, some of us like doing things OTHER than fixing other people’s computers…
  • I’ll pay you!
    • $250 an hour, 2 hour minimum, plus whatever travel costs and equipment I have to buy to replace it.
  • Never mind…
    • Thought so…

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I am saddened by the attack on Hawks TSC page. It gave me so many laughs and relief as I posted quite a few of my own tech support stories there too. #1 I am not a stalker, I have been through that too, by an ex, not a coworker, sorry to hear that you went through that nightmare.

    • Yeah, it sucks 🙁 And while I’d like to have the traffic and banter we had once upon a time in TSC, I know that it may be a pipe dream

      And as far as the stalking incident goes, I remember the response fellow TSC folks did in my defense, and it’s something I’ll never forget 🙂

  2. Indications are that we don’t quite have enough techs here yet… and Skippy is busier that Hawk ever was, and so has less time to manage stuff that happens here. (It’s because Hawk has gotten as busy as Skippy is now that TSC is still down, methinks…)

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