fun with projectors

The following conversation is with a Principal of a school having problems with a projector on a laptop:

me;The projectors are just plug and play they should work. It’s not something I can fix remotely if they are not working. If the projector is powering up but not showing a picture they can try holding down the fn and hitting the f4 key.

principal: She does not have the option for display of projector; Sue has the same issue. Could you help?

me:Just to be clear they tried the function f4 combo and it did not work? If that truly is the case then maybe the projector is bad

principal:There computer only goes to F12

Microsoft says i have 128000 malware and i should call them….,

Got  a message from one of my customers. He says his computer shut down and then gave him a message saying he has 128000 pieces of malware and he needs toc all Microsoft. Now this user instead of calling me went and paid for it despite my always telling him not to fall for these things. I of course called hm back and tld him to power down the pc in hopes it gets them out! Now he is calling his credit card company to report the fraud. Lesson #1 always call your computer guy first!  SMH

When do i get my new computer

I installed a new computer for a customer to replace their 6+ year old desktop. It’s clearly a different computer a full sized tower compared tot he micro they had before and it has Win 10 as opposed to Win7. I get done setting it up (join to domain, have user log in etc) and the user turns to me and asks when she is getting her new computer. I’m like this is your new computer… her comment was then why isnt my screen bigger. Turns out she wanted a new monitor with the pc and they didn’t order one for her.