When do i get my new computer

I installed a new computer for a customer to replace their 6+ year old desktop. It’s clearly a different computer a full sized tower compared tot he micro they had before and it has Win 10 as opposed to Win7. I get done setting it up (join to domain, have user log in etc) and the user turns to me and asks when she is getting her new computer. I’m like this is your new computer… her comment was then why isnt my screen bigger. Turns out she wanted a new monitor with the pc and they didn’t order one for her.

More fun the end user virus

So today my now infamous user comes to me and says reports from our msp system are not working at all. So i check it turns out one report she tried to run didn’t work. I asked her if she tried to run any reports today and the answer was no. I said try it and when she did sure enough all but the one report worked.