Things you don’t say if you like your job

Apparently today some techs got fired. First one a 20 year veteran of the company was talking over an open radio channel and when he was asked to divert to another location, he asked why, when told it was due to management request he said over the open channel “I don’t give a crap what management wants”. Guy was escorted out by the owner less than 2 hours later this morning.

Then these other techs at our 2nd location decided at lunch today to swerve and almost hit someone, then swear at the person, call them names and flip them off. They were in the company car. Bad call guys, they were within a week of getting hired onto the company from the temp service, they were also escorted out personally by the owner today. Normally there is someone else that does that sort of thing, but the owner was at the office today and decided to take out the trash personally.

Color blind

So coworker, we shall call him J, never listens and likes to argue. Since I started here 8 weeks ago he has always gone to another room to print anything color. I ask why not use ours and he insists it is not a color printer. So I got new ink cartridges, replaced them, printed out a helpful sign on our printer and put it on the printer today. Taking bets it takes him a week to notice.



Christmas isn’t kind to everyone

Heard this one yesterday from one of the coworkers at my new job.
Troll level expert.
One of my coworkers sent the boss a message last Christmas, red letters on green background, cc’d to all IT ppl.

Why is this trolling? Boss is red/green colorblind. Boss went around asking everyone  if there were words on the message. Luckily boss has a great sense of humor and laughed about it.

Coworkers be funny

Just started a new job less than a month ago, while working on an end users computer in the company I saw a lady go by with a little cut out drawing of scissors. So I asked what that was about. Apparently this is what she did.

First she went to Coworker B’s workstation when he was out at lunch and replaced his regular scissors with baby/safety scissors. A week or so later, she replaced the baby scissors with cuticle scissors, and today she was replacing those with a cut out picture of scissors. Makes me glad that my office is in a secure area where no one can get me, except other techs, well maybe I’m not as safe as I thought…