Email “auto delete”

I receive this message from a co-worker: “I need your help setting up and understanding our email archiving.  My deleted files automatically erase themselves after 30 days.  This causes me a lot of problems. Will you be over here anytime today or tomorrow to help me?”

Why would this be a problem I ask? It turns out, he puts “important emails I need to access later” in his deleted items so they don’t clog up his inbox. We have it set to delete items after 30 days. So without telling him he’s an idiot, I reply “Sure I can try, but there’s not much to help with. It’s by design. As the name implies, “Deleted Items” whole purpose is delete the emails you put in there. It’s there as a backup in case you accidentally delete something out of another folder, but they’ll be purged after 30 days. It’s the only folder that does this. I suggest if you don’t want stuff deleted after 30 days, don’t put it in the deleted items folder. That’s sort of like putting important things in your trash can. Then the trash gets taken out and now you’re wondering why everything in the trash can is gone. Move important messages other folders and they will stay there as long as you like. Let me know if you have any questions.”

Never got a response back. Not a thank you, not an “Whoops silly me!” nothing.

On a side note, our CEO forwards emails he gets from people back to himself as so they’ll be at the top of his inbox. He says this is to “Remind him to review them”. …..OOooookayyy.