GI Jerk

Posted once or twice in TSC…first time here.

Thanks for the space, Skip!


Manager in charge of my building…I’d give the official title but it doesn’t matter.  He oversees Day to day operations.

IT doesn’t report directly to him and he hates it.

Ive seen this job turn over 6 times in my 15+ years at my company.

No one was as big a jerk as this guy.

On a day when he’s not trying to make you feel like dirt on his shoe, he’ll drop a subtle hint that he was an Army ranger and that you weren’t.  I sometimes think he just goes home at night to do push ups and sit-ups under a bare lightbulb in his minimally decorated studio apartment….with just an American flag pinned to the wall.

No project is turned in too early.  No conversation ends includes a “please,” “thanks,” or “sorry.”

Nothing satisfies me more than telling this guy, “No” after he’s embarrassed someone in a team meeting or he’s announced that people that were forced to stay home with their kids in a snowstorm were “slackers ” and later “wusses.”

My boss and I laugh when he tries to go around the IT dept and get hardware from our budget without our input only to have our VP loop us in.  He’ll cite a bogus justification for thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and I’ll show him and my VP that we can accomplish the bogus task with existing resources at no cost.

I guess that’s it for now.  Thanks for the space to vent!