What is this, the 2nd grade?

I’m still working for the Uncle, and for the Department from Hell. And believe me when I say it’s gotten bad. We’re basically little more than glorified referees on conference calls to try and fix issues that are bumped up to us. Every so often, an issue comes our way that we know doesn’t pass muster, but because they’re being pushed on us by people higher up the food chain than us, we have no choice but to stand up a conference calls, send out invites, emails, and make sure people actually get onto the calls.

Case in point, the other day, we had an issue forced upon us where an office’s PBX went down suddenly. The local IT manager was already handling it, and had already dispatched techs to go to this office, since it was a satellite clinic, and they were well on their way there, but for some unknown reason, one of the higher up’s found out about it, and insisted that we stand up a conference call. The local IT manager and his boss both wondered why the call was even necessary, as did we, but we simply told them we were ordered to do so by the higher up’s and so we did. When the local tech’s arrived, they merely bypassed the UPS that had died, and plugged the PBX directly into the wall, and all was fixed. When we sent the email notifying the higher up’s that the call was closed, the same one who ordered us to initiate the call in the first place asked us why we stood up the call, and our response was simple… “You ordered us to, remember?” and copied their own email into our reply. We never got a response back.

And speaking of the emails… Every email we send out has to be vetted by our supervisor. I’m not kidding. Before we can send out an update on one of these calls, which we’re required to do every two hours for every call, our supervisor has to go through the email with a fine-tooth comb to make sure there are no errors. Apparently, there are people in authority in Uncle that have nothing better to do with their day than nitpick people’s emails for the most insignificant things. As an example, I was very nearly written up by one of these people because I didn’t spell out an acronym that over 99% ov the staff in our entire agency knows by heart. And another time, I was dinged because, of all things, I used the word “update” instead of “updated”.

This is what my department has been reduced to. We’re a bunch of professionals being treated like little more than kids pretending to ne referees that need their homework checked constantly because someone in authority has nothing better to do than be a grammar Nazi. Even the supervisors are getting pissed because their emails are having to be vetted as much as ours. They can’t even do anything more than give us a pat on the head for any good work we actually do, since the mentality in the department has become “The beatings will continue until morale improves” from the people higher up. In fact, the supervisors are no longer allowed to let us leave a little early, nor can they give our on the spot or incentive awards anymore. The people with the authority to do so for the department are so far removed from us, I can count on one hand, the number of times I’ve heard their voices in the last two years.

So it’s no wonder that of the 25 people who were forcibly transferred into this hell hole a couple years back from my old department, only seven of us are left, with the rest quitting, retiring early, etc. They’ve been replaced by people equally pissed off for being put into this department…

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