Abject apologizings and an update!

Firstly, my most abject and humble apologizings for not being on the lst several months, they have been quite busy for me. Suffice to say, the business is starting to uptick, and my job with the Uncle is still as busy as ever! I also purchased and moved into my own abode, am owned by two cats, and several other things.

And now for the update. You all will be glad to know that the FNG is no longer employed by the Uncle. What was the final straw you may ask? He felt that the strain of submitting the form authorizing him to telework once every six months was too much effort for him, and he felt he no longer needed to do it. When his duly appointed supervisor informed him he would have no choice but to go to the nearest facility as a result of this, per department regulations, a facility which, by the way, was a 50-mile trip one way, he promptly told $supervisor where to shove it.

If you think this is the end of the story, think again. The FNG wouldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, and made a huge stink out of this, emailing everyone he could, and made quite a few enemies. It got so bad so fast, one of the Undersecretaries for IT personally called the AD administrator for our Region, told them to immediately disable the FNG’s AD account on their express order, put in a note saying as much, and not to re-enable the account unless it was by the Undersecretary’s explicit orders.

And in a hilarious series of failed attempts, the FNG tried calling in no less than 14 times to $helpDesk, and each time claiming to be a VIP or high ranking executive member of the organization, said his AD account & email were disabled. Each time, he was told in no uncertain terms what the note said in his AD account, and that they wouldn’t re-enable it. Eventually, his former supervisor put a note into the FNG’s help desk profile, telling the desk monkies not to take anything the FNG said seriously, that he was not a VIP, nor was he a high ranking member of the organization as he had claimed in the calls, and if he called again, they were free to simply hang up on him.

Oh, and it gets better too. The FNG is currently suing to get his job back. The concensus is that he stands little, if any chance of actually winning his case, since there’s an epic amount of evidence against him. We’ll see how this pans out…

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  1. Glad to hear the update. And if I may ask, what grounds does the FNG cite in his lawsuit? Does he claim you didn’t make accomodations for his mental disability that makes him see himself as the center of the universe?

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