Was trying to message Skippytpodar

I was trying to message Skippytpodar, but that doesnt look possible with the way the site is setup.

I have created techsupportcomedy.com and was looking for ideas on what would make it better. I am also trying to get  the word out that the site is up and running.

I remember the old Techcomedy.com site and was dissapointed to find that it no longer exists. I started working on techsupportcomedy.com before finding that several of the users came here. I have not built the forums, as i am not trying to take users away from here.

Please contact me at wolfee182@mailfence.com. I would like to work with like minded people to make it a great site.

Please feel free to delete this message. I completely understand.

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    • This. I’ve been crazy busy the last several months, between working a full time gig for the Uncle and also doing my own thing nearly full time as well. Been pulling 17 hour days 6 days a week as of late, and I could yse a vaca 🙂 Also have more than a few stories to share when I have a free moment or three 🙂

  1. Can’t log into the new site anymore.
    As far as I can see you went straight into the sale of merch before
    locking down the site or getting a large viewership though so w/e.

    • Please try it again.

      I disabled the store for now. I have also disabled Buddypress.

      I have been trying to keep users from seeing the wordpress admin interface, but it is more of a pain then i wanted. I also have been trying to add support for 2FA, but buddypress isnt allowing everything i am looking for.

      You should be able to login and submit, but i am going to change the back end.

      I also found that there was a problem with emailing from the site since the host move. I have fixed that.

      Let me know if you have any issues.

  2. This has been fun.

    For a little while, the site and every other site i have on the VPS server was basically down. They gave a generic Parked page (I don’t know where it came from). Some people could get to it and some couldn’t. Now Magically, they are working. lol

    The ~ in the address bar was my doing. I was playing with the theme and forgot to put that back to normal.

    I have a feeling the 2 factor Auth might have been causing the issue with the login for you. I have disabled that. I test it on multiple computers, Multiple browsers, Even multiple ISP’s and they work fine. Back to the drawing board on that.

    Let me know if you have any more issues.

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