Life as a customer

I love the company I work for and support the services we offer so much that I am also a customer.  Until recently there has never been an issue with my provided internet service until a week and a half ago.  Tower started dropping traffic randomly.  Fortunately for me I got to see the work that was being done behind the scenes to diagnose the weirdness that was going on but as an end user it was very frustrating to have your internet just die for anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours randomly…  Turns out to have been a piece of hardware that failed, hardware that has never failed on any other tower that we know of, some of these devices have been up and running for over 7 years…  but it’s fixed.  But tonight I get to play self entitled customer as I’m calling in to complain and get a credit since I had to actually drive into the office 2 extra times this week.  I’m looking forward to being the demanding customer tonight but I know I won’t be able to take it too far because I know what the care agents deal with.  Not to sure if I won’t be able to hold back my evil laughter when demanding a months free service…MHAUAHAUAHAU!!

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