Color blind

So coworker, we shall call him J, never listens and likes to argue. Since I started here 8 weeks ago he has always gone to another room to print anything color. I ask why not use ours and he insists it is not a color printer. So I got new ink cartridges, replaced them, printed out a helpful sign on our printer and put it on the printer today. Taking bets it takes him a week to notice.



3 thoughts on “Color blind

    • He finally noticed a few days later, not because he saw the sign on the printer, but because he happened to see me with a color copy and wanted to know where I got it. When I told him the IS room, he said he thought it was black n white because former coworkers A, and B told him so. I thought by that logic I would just start telling him the sky is purple with polka dots and see if he believed me.

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