The site is gone, and I have a sad. I fell away from the community years ago, but went back out of nostalgia to lurk, and…well…nothing.

Anyone know what happened to / with Hawk?

I’m now well versed in the whole DDOS of 2015, but what about the big guy?

-The Coyote

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  1. Thing is, the old site depended pretty heavily on custom script, and a hole in that script allowed someone to start a process that DOSed the entire server, of which we were only one site. So he had to shut the site down. And as RalphP suggests, it would appear that the requirement to earn a living for himself has been something of a higher priority than bringing the old site back.

    We do what we can here, thanks be to Skippy, but so many of the old crowd don’t drop in, even after they find this place, because we haven’t yet hit critical mass and there’s no reason to keep coming back.

    • Revision: About a year after the site went dark, I contacted Hawk to see if he’d be interested in a spot of front-end web design. He responded quickly, but said he was simply too busy to take anything else on. Obvious conclusion is obvious.

      • It’s sad, to be honest. I kept my subs up when I remembered, had a few shirts, and always loved the site.

        Found this site while trying to figure out where it went, and yeah.

        It’s like finding out that a bar you loved is gone, ya know? The old timers scattered to the winds and what not.

  2. Just got in touch with Hawk, and he says:

    I’m alive, life is good, sorry I let TSC fall to the way side.

    Primary reasons…most likely in this order:
    1. Got married
    2. Had 4 kids
    3. Work for myself

    hehe, maybe when I retire some distant time, I’ll bring it back.

    • HA.

      I understand that, and if he ever wants a silent partner…well, I’m never silent because I have a big mouth and get into trouble a lot, but look me up.

      Tell him The Coyote sends his love and various vulgarities.

      • Coyote-

        Good to see you man, missed ya. Actually tried to reach out to you a year or so ago, wanted your opinion on tech stuff. Ping me if you ever wanna talk shit.

        • Good to see you too! The original site being down broke my heart. I was writing for a comedy site at the time, so I had to watch what I was posting, but I always lurked.

          I still tech as my main source of income, but I venture out into the creative world all the time. If you ever want to hit me up, I’m at justplaincoyote@gmail.com.

  3. ya I’m late to the party but don’t get in here very often..good to see you Coyote and glad to hear Hawk is living the life and with 4 kids I’m surprised he has time to breathe! Gigglebyte turns 11 this year and it’s all I can do to keep up with just him!

  4. Hum I guess I posted in the wrong area, sucks getting old.
    I’d found this place a while ago then promptly forgot again, loose ram etc…
    Keep the flame going guys even if it’s only for nostalgia’s sake
    Same reason I still keep my Com64 and Atari in working order, just ffs 🙂

  5. I thank all of you for the support you gave me years ago. It’s great to find this community again. I miss TSC, but hopefully this site becomes the same community.

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