The Help Desk is there for a reason

Not my story but the guy who sits next to me. He just got a caller who said he wasn’t able to get into his Outlook. He is like, ok, let me look at your account, and we shall try a few things. After going thru some basic stuff with his caller, he found out they didn’t know what their password was. No problem, we can set you up with a temporary one you can change. My coworker said he went into the system to see how long it had been since they last changed their password (it is a max of 90 days and usually tells us the date). It had been so long since he changed his password that the date had completely dropped off. So he asked the caller about it. Caller said he had problems with his password over 7 months ago and just stopped checking his password, but that his boss was irritated he wasn’t responding via email so told him to get it fixed.
How do you keep a job that requires you to communicate via email and for that matter uses the password in all the systems for over 7 months and just not even bother to tell anyone who can help you. Help Desk is there for a reason ya idjit!

4 thoughts on “The Help Desk is there for a reason

  1. Sadly I have become “one of them” on this topic. I set my voicemail up when I got my new job, and because I prefer text or email, I am terrible about checking messages after I have been off.

  2. This is why I like our Zultys system. They have an app for phones, and I can see the # and length of call and get VM. and I ALWAYS LIKE EMAIL for CYA though. If it looks like a CYA, it IS a CYA event (CYA-Cover Your Ass, for those that do not like acronyms).

  3. I am reminded of a story that came out of Florida… apparently required federal records checks for gun ownership haven’t been done for over a year because the employee who has that job lost his password for the federal records system…

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