It’s all my fault…

I am such a terrible person…

I truly believed that the techs on-site would be as well educated and knowledgeable as myself when it came to matters of tech support… especially since they get double (or more) kudos than I do on payday.

From today I shall treat them like PFY’s that have never seen a computer before today.

May the $dieties have mercy on anyone who complains about me being condescending…

Addons and DLC will not help you here…

Wow… so good to see all the familiar nametags again… Used to be TrueTenacity… but times and life have changed…


Just had a call from a user working remotely that managed to lock out the password. User needs the password reset yesterday as he’s on a deadline and needs to work.

I verify and reset the password only for him to still be unable to log in.

“Are you putting in the password I just gave you?”
“Yes, it’s not working though”
“What password are you using?”
“$password I gave him plus extra characters pulled from the ether”
“The password is $password, not what you’re putting in, try that one.”
“Wow… it worked! Thanks!”

Apparently They Think They’re Famous

A breed of starfish that is getting worse (in fact, it’s pretty much all of them now) are those who literally think that if they tell me “Hi, it’s Dave from Luserville”, I’ll know exactly who this is and there is no need to tell me their last name.

We might have three Dave’s in one location alone. Or, failing that, we might have three to five locations in Luserville that “Dave” might work at. And for whatever reason, it’s getting increasingly annoying to have to ask them for their last name, not because it takes so much effort to do so, but because it takes so little effort for them to just tell me their full name when they call. I also detest the assumption that I’ll know exactly who they are. There are maybe five users whose voices are instantly recognizable, or who work in a small enough location that I will instantly know which of them is calling.

But here’s an example of why they should never assume I know who they are: I have a user who calls frequently and for the longest time she was the only one with her name who called, so “Hi, it’s Brunhilda” was usually enough to go by. For the record, Brunhilda (not her real name) was the designated liaison for IT in her office, not just a trouble-magnet or -maker. However, one day I was well into a call with another Brunhilda before I realized I wasn’t talking to the one I generally hear from (even their voices sounded alike!).

So, please, starfish, tell me your firstĀ and last name, please!