Crime doesn’t pay minimum wage

So one of the places I work with is a school. And the other day the school was broken into, and they asked me to review the security tapes.

It appears that two jokers spent about an hour one night, and then maybe another hour a second night, drilling through the lock on a door. Once they got in, they grabbed an old projector and an older laptop.

So for probably two hours of work by two people out in the cold, the total takings were electronics with a probable street value of $40, for a net of $10 an hour each. Would have been more if they had got the power brick for the laptop maybe…

Working at Macca’s they’d be earning $12 an hour and the work would be easier.

Addendum: The janitor says that he thinks these two were casing the joint for possibly an hour a few nights before. So figure three hours, two people, possibly a few broken drill bits, for a gross return of maybe $7 an hour each. You’ll never get rich that way, kids.

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