Because I said so!

A ticket was forwarded to us by $localCIO, and we couldn’t kick it back fast enough. A secretary for $bigImportantPerson wanted the ability to set her own homepage, when all users by policy are supposed to have their homepage set to the Intranet page of $localSite.

We emailed $localCIO and $secretary, asking for justification to change this since this normally isn’t allowed for anyone. The response $secretary gave us was “Because I’m the secretary for $bigImportantPerson. I want to choose my own homepage.” We denied the request and closed the ticket because using the excuse that you work for someone is woefully inadequate permission to justify changing policy.

6 thoughts on “Because I said so!

  1. Eventually someone will figure out that simply making a shortcut on her desktop for $precious_site and telling her to click it to open her browser, will probably be enough to shut her up.

    • That was one of the first things suggested, something $secretary quickly refused because that’s not what she wanted. She wanted to open up IE with whatever homepage she wanted… It’s truly dizzying…

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