Cognitive Dissonance

I note that Uncle has, reportedly, decided that all US government and military computers will now use Windows 10.

I note that Windows 10, since the Anniversary Update, turns on the Customer Experience Improvement Program even if you have turned it off. CEIP, roughly translated, means “Report everything you are doing to Microsoft.”

I have to wonder, in which universe is having these two ideas both operative at the same time considered a Good Thing?

If nothing else, MS has now made itself a big fat target for realtime foreign military espionage…

5 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Oh — to add to that, it seems that MS has now managed to leak its “gold keys” to the UEFI boot process… so creation of rootkits and bootkits is now, if not trivial, at least possible and documented…

  2. Windows 10 has Been Mandated From On High. While Linux is definitely more secure, its security has not been proven, and in fact can’t be, because of the variety of sources. My suspicion is that because of the W10 requirement, the secret stuff will be on air-gapped (and therefore necessarily unpatched) W10 machines.

    “And the smell of burning bridges was strong in the air.”

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