Must be great…

… that the user was delusional enough to think the rules just didn’t apply to her.

The Tier 1 Desk Monkeys just kicked a ticket our way and all three of us on shift agreed this one can wait. A user stated she hadn’t been an employee, let alone on site since April 2015, but she decided to come in today and was unable to log in to anything. When the Desk Monkey said her NT account had been completely deleted from AD, and her $patientDB account was flagged as Terminated, she stated this was unacceptable, and demanded everything be reinstated immediately, for no other reason than because she had the letters MD after her name.

The Desk Monkey said they couldn’t do anything and had to send it elsewhere, but the starfish was upset because apparently she was under the impression that her accounts would simply stay the way they were forever, and weren’t going to be deleted under any circumstances, as opposed to the standing procedure that NT accounts become disabled after 90 days, deleted after 180 after lack of use, and $patientDB accounts get flagged for Termination after 180 days, also for lack of use.

When the ticket came our way, we decided to send it right back to teh local site from whence it came, and let the ISSO handle it when they come in first thing on Monday.

5 thoughts on “Must be great…

  1. And the ISSO says: “Let’s make sure there’s a valid contract in place first, shall we? Then we’ll make sure your access gets re-adjudicated and provided that comes back approved you get your system account. HR will trigger the system to send you the URL for you to start filling out the SF-85P, I suggest you don’t dally because it takes around 30-45 days for that. Oh, and you’ll need to stop by the Physical Security office to do a new set of fingerprints to go with the paperwork, at least they submit those electronically now so your fingers don’t get messy. Once you have your account back in place, then we’ll put through your request for database access, that’s a different but smaller set of forms…here’s the URL for those but you can’t do them until you have your account back in place, it’s one of the pieces needed for those forms. No, you can’t just use your old login ID, because your account was terminated for non-use it will probably be a different one this time. They usually just add as few numbers as necessary to make it a unique account again, sometimes it’s as easy as deleting the last letter and making it a 1….”

    Hm. I wonder if any of that sounds familiar? *bfeg*

    • The ISSO didn’t even do that much. The Cliff’s Notes version of what they said to $user was “Tough sh*t, follow the rules… *close ticket*”

      • LOL! I was going the “You fucked up, now we’re doing this by the numbers, I hope you enjoy this!” way of working it. Your ISSO has no sense of humor.

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