Time to make another luser miserable!

A co-worker and I are pranking one of our more annoying users, let’s call him Mr. Annoying.

We’re doing this with full blessing of Mr. Annoying’s chain of command.

His Division is in the middle of their laptop refresh cycle, so the users have been receiving their new laptops & turning in the old ones as they become ready. Mr. Annoying is one of those who believes that all computer productivity and usage issues magically disappear when the device is produced by Apple, and has no hesitation in being vocal about his displeasure for all else. This is an ongoing issue for more than the decade I’ve been there, because it was one of the first things I heard drop out of his face way back then.

There was a message sent to Mr. Annoying, his supervisor, and his Division Director (also in the prank loop) stating, in part: “After hearing constant annoying protestations regarding comparisons between Apple and all else, it has been decided that in this round of the Laptop Refresh Cycle, you will be provided with an Apple device. Your Apple device will be available by the time you receive this message.” There are of course other things presented before and after that section.

He has, of course, expressed elation at this. As he’s not in the office again until Friday, it will work /even better/, as one of the other highly annoyed IT folks will be back in the office to observe.

So, Mr. Annoying will arrive in the IT Room to collect his “new precious”, only to be handed the same Dell unit that everyone else receives. His will be different in /one/ way…it will have an Apple logo sticker carefully placed over the Dell logo on the lid.

I can’t wait….

Remember, folks…”device” can mean “a label or designator of brand or status.”

6 thoughts on “Time to make another luser miserable!

  1. When I worked laptops for $localSite, there was this one doctor (who was used to getting what she wanted only because of her looks) that suddenly insisted on getting a Macbook Pro when she previously stated she had no need for a laptop at all. She found out we had just gotten a shipment of them in because she took advantage of the fact that one of the ISSO’s had the hot’s for her and so did most of the male IT staff for that matter. She put in the appropriate requests, submitted all the appropriate paperwork with all the right signatures, etc., so we scheduled a time for her to pick it up and log in so $encryption could register her NT credentials. When she came up for her scheduled time, we very quickly discovered she had no friggen clue how to use a Mac, and asked one of us to tutor her on how to navigate OS X, log in to her programs, etc.. We discovered she only wanted one because she saw it as a status symbol and it was the most expensive laptop we had in our inventory, and was simply too cheap to buy one herself, despite the salary she was making, and the fact she had several sugar daddies…

  2. Oh, but there was SUCH a bucket of spluttering and bluster! He bitched for five solid minutes with “That’s not an Apple Device, that’s a DELL WITH A STICKER!” being the least of the statements.

    He wouldn’t shut up until I pulled-up both the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English dictionaries to /prove/ that our usage of the word “device” did fit Proper English Usage, and that he had no grounds for complaint except against himself for making unwarranted assumptions in the face of the fact that there are /no/ authorized Mac computers in the ENTIRE AGENCY.

    NOW maybe he’ll shut up about getting a Mac….

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