Must be great…

… that the user was delusional enough to think the rules just didn’t apply to her.

The Tier 1 Desk Monkeys just kicked a ticket our way and all three of us on shift agreed this one can wait. A user stated she hadn’t been an employee, let alone on site since April 2015, but she decided to come in today and was unable to log in to anything. When the Desk Monkey said her NT account had been completely deleted from AD, and her $patientDB account was flagged as Terminated, she stated this was unacceptable, and demanded everything be reinstated immediately, for no other reason than because she had the letters MD after her name.

The Desk Monkey said they couldn’t do anything and had to send it elsewhere, but the starfish was upset because apparently she was under the impression that her accounts would simply stay the way they were forever, and weren’t going to be deleted under any circumstances, as opposed to the standing procedure that NT accounts become disabled after 90 days, deleted after 180 after lack of use, and $patientDB accounts get flagged for Termination after 180 days, also for lack of use.

When the ticket came our way, we decided to send it right back to teh local site from whence it came, and let the ISSO handle it when they come in first thing on Monday.

In which Universe?

Just received a ticket:

“Fax machine is not working. This affects patient care.”

In which Universe, where we live in the 21st century, and have things such as emails, scanners, encryption, electronic patient records & e-prescription ordering, and a little thing called the Internet, does a fax machine affect patient care in a hospital equipped with the afore-mentioned technologies?

Little too far to do that…

Got a call earlier today from $contractor. They had apparently sent a part to a facility my team supports, but $contractor (who had a very thick Indian accent) was unable to get in touch with $localCIO to have them head to the front of the building to sign for it from $shippingCompany. I asked $contractor what I could do, on account of the fact that a) my department was a completely separate & autonomous entity from $localSite b) I lived approximately 1100 miles from $localSite c) if $contractor didn’t have any luck getting a hold of $localCIO, what luck would we have attempting the same, and d) no one at the Matrix was staffed at $localSite on the shift, so there was no way we could personally have someone find $localCIO and get the package.

$contractor was still insistent I find $localCIO right there and then because$deliveryDriver wasn’t going to wait all day. I reiterated to $contractor that there was no way we could get in touch with $localCIO if he didn’t want to pick up his phone or answer his email. $contractor then asked for my name and I put my foot down at that point, stating that asking for my name was useless, and reiterating that there was little if anything I or anyone on my team could do, since we were a separate department completely, and he asked if I could pick it up on $localCIO’s behalf. I simply said that unless they were willing to pay for my travel 1100 miles to the facility, I couldn’t exactly pick it up on $localCIO’s behalf, and not only that, in order to even call $localCIO, I’d have to get off the phone with $contractor. Not to mention the fact that I doubt the Uncle would approve of having a part critical to the operation of their IT infrastructure sent to a private residence.

Finally, $contractor got the hint and hung up with me.

Time to make another luser miserable!

A co-worker and I are pranking one of our more annoying users, let’s call him Mr. Annoying.

We’re doing this with full blessing of Mr. Annoying’s chain of command.

His Division is in the middle of their laptop refresh cycle, so the users have been receiving their new laptops & turning in the old ones as they become ready. Mr. Annoying is one of those who believes that all computer productivity and usage issues magically disappear when the device is produced by Apple, and has no hesitation in being vocal about his displeasure for all else. This is an ongoing issue for more than the decade I’ve been there, because it was one of the first things I heard drop out of his face way back then.

There was a message sent to Mr. Annoying, his supervisor, and his Division Director (also in the prank loop) stating, in part: “After hearing constant annoying protestations regarding comparisons between Apple and all else, it has been decided that in this round of the Laptop Refresh Cycle, you will be provided with an Apple device. Your Apple device will be available by the time you receive this message.” There are of course other things presented before and after that section.

He has, of course, expressed elation at this. As he’s not in the office again until Friday, it will work /even better/, as one of the other highly annoyed IT folks will be back in the office to observe.

So, Mr. Annoying will arrive in the IT Room to collect his “new precious”, only to be handed the same Dell unit that everyone else receives. His will be different in /one/ way…it will have an Apple logo sticker carefully placed over the Dell logo on the lid.

I can’t wait….

Remember, folks…”device” can mean “a label or designator of brand or status.”