Laziness they haz it

Yesterday, we began getting calls and emails from the users of one of the sites we support. Normally, we’d just tell them that they have to go through their local help desk first and have them troubleshoot their issue first before they send it along anywhere. But many of them were telling us the local techs there were the ones telling them to call or email us directly and they wanted help immediately, and almost all of them were for things we either had no access to or couldn’t do a thing about, on account of not having any Matrix staff located there. Among the issues they contacted us for were a keyboard replacement, access to a database we didn’t even know existed, and my personal favorite, access to be able to watch a YouTube video. We all told them in, with $localCIO copied on the email, that since these are all local issues, they need to be handled by local techs, and despite some further neepage from a couple of them, many resigned themselves to doing what they were supposed to have done in the first place… call the help desk.

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