Back to the fact, it’s back and it knows that

The forum is now back up and running. I’ll be in the process of installing Antispam features on it very soon, so bear with me 🙂

Update: My domain host really screwed the pooch. They seem to have put the install files for the forum software on the root of the domain, and in doing so, overwrote some files that caused it (and the forum) to be borked. I’m gonna have to go thru & delete the files, then upload it again and redo the config file for the forum. I may even be forced to just install a new forum and use the same database as the former one to preserve the content already posted…

3 thoughts on “Back to the fact, it’s back and it knows that

  1. Yeah, the backup restoration I did was the cause of that SQL error, and I’m uploading the Forum files now, which is actually an improvement, since before I restored it, it was giving a fatal error

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