I swear I’m surrounded by idiots

Today was easily the busiest day my department has ever seen in its 4 years of existence. There were no actual emergencies or site outages, but we easily did 3 times our normal daily ticket volume. One call I got was from a Tier 1 Desk Monkey supervisor, who told me of an outage and gave me the ticket number. Immediately I noticed a problem with the ticket… it had already been closed. I confirmed the ticket number and asked her to confirm that this really was for the outage in question. She confirmed that it was, and at that point I let her have it. I asked her if she had actually bothered to check the ticket prior to calling me because the local tech had already closed it… two days ago.

She refreshed the ticket and began stuttering, stammering and falling over her words. I told her the local tech who fixed the problem was quite thorough in his notes and I recommended to the Desk Monkey supervisor that perhaps, instead of just calling us to dump a work order on us that was obviously meant for the local site anyway, to check the ticket first to see what was going on with it.

3 thoughts on “I swear I’m surrounded by idiots

  1. Colonel Sandurz: He’s an Idiot sir.
    Dark Helmet: I know that! What’s his name?
    Colonel Sandurz: That is his name sir. Idiot, Major Idiot!
    Dark Helmet: And his cousin?
    Colonel Sandurz: He’s an Idiot too sir. Gunner’s mate First Class Philip Idiot!
    Dark Helmet: How many Idiots do we have on this ship, anyway?
    [Entire bridge crew stands up and raises a hand]
    Entire Bridge Crew: Yo!
    Dark Helmet: I knew it. I’m surrounded by Idiots!

    “I just had to do it lol”

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