Information Breakdown

The other day, my department chief sent an email out to us, asking to have someone take a look at a bunch of tickets. In short, the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys claimed we didn’t do our jobs because we failed to work on these tickets and create Outage Notifications for them. I took the email and pretty quickly saw a pattern… over 90% of the tickets had bypassed my group completely, and we had no knowledge the tickets even existed. Most of the remaining 10% had the Outage Notification number listed in the very first sentence of the ticket. Of the list of over 200 tickets sent, only 1 was one we were notified of and had worked, and it was questionable at best whether the ticket in question deserved an Outage Notification as it involved a single nurse being unable to get to a website that had nothing to do with her job, and was even lowered to a Low Priority by the night shift person who worked it, stating that it could wait until the local techs came in for work in the AM.

I replied back to our chief with the information, along with notes for every single ticket, stating that all but one of the tickets they were trying to throw us under the bus for, either never came to our attention, or already had the very thing they claimed we never did. And in the case of the former, I rather bluntly stated in my reply that it’s a little difficult for our team to work on a ticket that we never even knew existed. In the latter case, I also was rather direct in stating whether they even bothered to check the tickets, since the Outage Notification number was right there in the very first sentence of the ticket, but they were trying to claim we never did one for the ticket.

My chief was very thankful for the info and passed it along to the Desk Monkeys, and is basically one more nail in their coffin, as it pretty much proves just how useless they are, when they don’t even bother to check their own information, check their own tickets they create for info, or do their jobs really…

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