Terror Calls, Chapter 1

I never posted this on the old site because it was kind of an oddball story and didn’t fit neatly into the categories we used to have.  I always liked to tell stories where I could tell you exactly how stupid the user had been, and not exaggerate.  Unfortunately, in this case, it’s hard to know where the truth ended and the neeping began, and truth be told, the customer probably started out being in the right.  Of course, I wouldn’t be telling this story if things had stayed that way…

It was a miserable day at CableISP (so, a regular day).  I was on the phones and took a call from a customer wanting to know where their cable tech was.  I informed the customer that the tech was still within their scheduled arrival window and had no notes indicating he would be late.

About a half hour later, I got another call.  Same guy.  Not surprising, because repeat callers are automatically routed back to the same agent if that agent is available.  Seems the tech showed up, customer didn’t hear him, tech left and customer wants him back.  Tech notes tell a similar story.  I call dispatch and have the tech sent back.

Here’s where it get’s weird, and I remind you that I don’t know exactly where the truth ends and the stupid begins.  According to the third call I would get later on that day, the tech returned and was greeted at the door by the customer’s five-year-old son.  The customer did not answer the door because he again “did not hear the tech”, and was unaware the tech had entered the house at all.  Tech notes confirm the repair was done, and I’m able to verify on my end that the equipment is working.  Apparently, the reason the customer didn’t hear the tech was because he was “in the next room”.

Now, at this, the customer absolutely loses their shit.  HOW DARE the tech let a child answer the door?  HOW DARE they come in the house and not talk to an adult?  Now, I largely agree with the concerns he’s raising, but when you have a service call on the way and have already missed one door knock, you’ve really put the burden on yourself to answer the door a second time.  And if the tech caught hell for not doing the job the first time, what’s he going to do when someone answers the door, even if it’s a kid?  Plus, and I can’t stress this enough, as a parent, it’s YOUR JOB to make sure your child knows not to open the door for strangers.

Then the customer goes completely off the rails.  He jumps from “Why did he do that?” to “What if he touched my child???”  Dude…. motherfucker… now you’re just reaching for stuff to get upset about.  Of course, that’s every parent’s nightmare, but the tech was in the house for probably five minutes, and if there’s not so much as a hair out of place on the child, that is NOT a conclusion you jump to.

After managing to calm the customer down, and agreeing that at the very least the tech hadn’t followed proper protocol, I get yet another call.  It’s a supervisor escalation.  This dude is wanting to take down the company.  He claims (and I say this because we’ve almost certainly entered bullshit territory by now) that the tech left a tool behind, returned for it, and simply entered the house without knocking, then left again.  How the customer knew this if he wasn’t in the room and didn’t see the tech, I don’t know, but he’s insistent that the tech has twice entered the house improperly.

So, at some point, we’re to believe that the tech knocked on the door, had the child open the door, spoke to the child, entered the house, did the repair work, then left again, all without getting the attention of the customer who (he insists) was “in the next room” and by all accounts should have been waiting for the tech to show up.  And that after this incident, the customer simply left the front door unlocked so that the tech could return and enter easily.  This is obviously the natural behavior of someone who just had their home invaded.

The situation was resolved by CableISP paying the customer an undisclosed sum in an out-of-court settlement.

3 thoughts on “Terror Calls, Chapter 1

  1. The Tech Should have just left the Sec time. If the Fish cant be bothered to answer the door when they know your coming its a good idea to just leave. Metrics be dammed. As for this clown doing the whole “could have touched my kid” crap id have threaten a suit on defamation and then shut their service off. But i’m an Angry Ginger soo. I am surprised the ISP didn’t go that route as it all seems to be a set up in the first place.

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