Old Starfish… New Trick.

So Old Starfish (Read 60, 70, and 80’s) that we are forced to support wanted and I quote “Them shiny new kinda phones” They called Head boss on his cell, instead of putting in a ticket. I now understand why they did not put a ticket it none of them know how to use a computer. The “Shiny” Phones are VoIP system and required us to wire their building as they did not have the infrastructure. We install 3 of them and gave them instructions on how to use them …. Yep seems we went horribly wrong we tried to teach the Old Starfish. So on Monday we get a call from Head Boss’s assistant all pissed off because Old Starfish called to complain that the Shiny phones don’t work and that we screwed up. I sent my tech out to have a look and he comes back laughing. He tells me the phones work just fine and that the Old Starfish had forward phone A to Phone B and phone B to Phone C and Phone C to Phone A……

Yep phone would ring once and send the call to the next phone. On a creative scale of working to cause a problem I give them an 8.7!

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