It never fails…

Even when I’m celebrating my birthday at the House of Mouse for several days, and despite telling them specifically not to call me for such things for the duration of the trip, I still get a phone call from my parents asking me for tech support.

$parents call and say the Intarwebz are down and asking what to do, whether they should ask the neighbors if theirs are down and if they even have the same ISP as us. I groan and tell them to power cycle the modem & router, but no, my dad won’t let me off the phone, despite being about to walk in to do a meet & greet. I tell him what to do, and about 10 minutes later, get a FB message saying the power cycle fixed everything. Oh yes, and no birthday messages on the Book of Faces, texts, etc., to just wish me a happy b-day from the parentals. Guess they misinterpreted the “don’t call me for free tech support while I’m on vacation away from doing tech support” request as “don’t call me for anything”.

Now bear in mind, this isn’t the first time (in more ways than one), I’ve been called whilst at Disney for tech support from the parentals, nor has it been the first time I’ve been called on my birthday for such things. The only reason I leave my phone on is because, quite frankly, the soul-crushing, psassive-aggressive guilt of “but what if it’s an emergency” “but what if someone’s dying” “but we just want to talk to you” and so on is far more of an irritation to me. That and the earful I get from the rants (note the plural form of the word) I’ve been on the receiving end, wherein my father goes on in excruciating detail about just how much he hates leaving voicemails for people is equally as irritating.

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