We know everything!!!

So I had a shop top Boss we will call Butters, and just like Butters was never quite sure what was going on but was always blamed for everything. Well one day I walked in to the shop and sat down, Butters walked in about a minute later grabbed some paper work and stated he was going to go see Super Boss. I sitting there at my Computer said “Don’t do it don’t go up there” He tells me to shut up that he knows what’s up. I respond “You’re going to regret going up to see Super boss” He walks out the door. 5 Minutes later the door opens and closes. Now my back is to the door but I can tell its Butters and he is just staring at me. I turn around and he says “How did you know Super Boss was pissed off I just got my ass handed to me” I looked at him and said in my most dead calm voice, “I am IT we know EVERYTHING” He kind of chuckles and mumbles then walks out. About 4 days later almost the same thing goes down but with Butters going to see a different department Boss. When he came back he again asked me how I knew. I just smiled and went back to work. A week later he came and asked if it was safe to go see Super boss and where he was. It was safe and I knew he was out on Deck. Butters looks at me skeptically but says ok. 10 Minutes later he comes back and asks “How in the hell do you do that” I just smiled and from that day on Butters listened to every word I said.

What Butters did not know was the first time I had been near Super Boss Office and heard him railing several people right before I went to the shop, The Second time I had just received a call from Other Department and they were all pissed off, and the Third time I knew the Super Boss was in a good mood due to a tech upgrade I provided and knew that the current evolutions going on required him to be “On Deck”

It’s the Law of Scotty “ Always look like a miracle Worker”

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