Marley Wanabe and Mrs. Nice.

So one day at DoD place a while back I encountered the Marley wanabe. Now MW was from Jamaica but decided there were better opportunities working for DoD and becoming a US Citizen. One day I see MW giving a fellow DoD person a lot of shit. We will call her Mrs. Nice. Now Mrs. Nice and I are of the same pay grade and MW is 3 below us. I see Mrs. Nice getting frustrated and upset at MW refusal to listen or do as she orders. (She was his supervisor) So I step up and ask Mrs. Nice if she wanted me to deal with the situation. She smiles and says that would be great thanks. Now I’m over 6 ft. tall and weigh in at a good 240 pound. MW is about 5 ft. tall and maybe weighed in at 160. I ask him what his issue was with Mrs. Nice, his response was “Well it’s my culture I don’t have to respect women” I point out he is in America and joined my DoD team and that we do. He replies with “Well you have to understand in my culture we don’t and that’s how I live”. I step up in front of him so he has to crane his neck back to look up at me and quietly say “Well I’m Scottish decent and we like to throw telephone poles at people for fun… would you like to step outside and discuss our respective cultures?” MW “No, no thank you ummm..” Me “are you going to give Mrs. Nice any more shit”. MW “No” Mrs. Nice he is all yours any issue let me know. Seems after that MW never talked crap again.

Somedays you don’t need to use the clue bat you just have to take it out a parade it around.

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  1. You can’t can them with out a metric ton of paperwork and even then its hard. Mostly they just get busted down a pay grade and blame everyone else till there contract ends and they leave. Its the part of the DoD that has big gray boats if you know what I mean.

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