Sadim “Bless his heart”

So we had a coerker we called Sadim, it’s the word MIDAS spelt backwards. That’s because everything he touched turned to shyte. Most of the time it was because he would decide to think for himself, and well he was not very good in that capacity.
So one day we get a call from a starfish that a printer had stopped working. We send Sadim out since a printer issue is a very low level problem to solve. After about an hour of him trouble shooting he comes back to the shop and announces to us all that the printer in starfish office is DOA and needs to be replaced…..
What he did not know was 10 sec after he left starfish’s office, starfish had sent us all an email that ready.

Dear Geek people Well I have to hand it to him. Sadim really tried and bless his heart, but I found the problem 2 sec after he left… The power was turned off on the surge protector.
Thanks for trying Starfish.

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