I got a call today, and it was one of those calls where I felt almost like I fell into a version of the Twilight Zone especially for IT people. A Tier 1 Desk Monkey called me to tell me he had a local tech on the phone who wanted to have a ticket put in to have some wireless access points checked, and who claimed he had exhausted all his options an needed Tier 3 LAN support.

I almost had to do a double take when I heard that, for two reasons:

  • Why couldn’t the local tech just create the ticket himself and send it up to our team to route where it needed to go, or better yet, send it himself?
  • Why couldn’t the Tier 1 Desk Monkey create the ticket for him and send it to us?

Both $localTech and the Tier 1 Desk Monkey had the same access I do to the ticketing system so there was literally nothing preventing them from putting the ticket in themselves, except perhaps sheer laziness, since neither of them were new employees, and had been around the block enough times to know that they can put the ticket in themselves.

4 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Hello Skippy::: first off Lazy is the name of the game with a lot of Tier one lol. On another note its nice to see this site, I miss the TSC community. Is there anyway to PM people on here or is it all just posts and replies? To all the TSC people that see this Hello missed you and your stories.

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