Boy are my arms tired

Had to do a bit of work on the forum. Apparently, a bunch of zombie nodes added over 3700 users to the forum, each producing a couple posts in the forum. Ended up pruning the user list for any users after the 6th of January. If anyone legit registered on the forum after Ninja, I do apologize, but feel free and register again, I also banned a bunch of the IP’s they were coming from, but after the first couple dozen, I realized each rogue user registration was from a different one.

4 thoughts on “Boy are my arms tired

    • Thanks for reminding me, chazz.

      In the interim, if you add the /forum directory to the domain name, you’ll still get to it no problem 🙂 I’m consulting with the Oracle of Google to ensure that only people logged in through here are able to see the Forum link.

  1. I think I see a part of the reason. I have CleanTalk installed on the main site here, and in the last week, it’s stopped over 16,000 spam registrations and comments, but the protection didn’t extend to the forum, since it required a separate key, on account of being a separate DB. With the link gone for anyone not logged in, that pretty much killed spammers registering on the forum…

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