Say what now?

Today, I got a call from the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys that made me do a double take. The Desk Monkey had a user on the line that insisted whoever he called come into that facility to give him access to $serverRoom. I told him it wouldn’t be advisable for me to talk to $user for several reasons:

  • I lived 4 states away from this facility’s location, meaning if $user wanted ME to come in and give him access to $serverRoom, he had a long wait ahead of him (minimum 12-14 hours depending on traffic)
  • Even if I did live close by, I didn’t even have physical access to that facility’s server room at all, to say nothing about allowing some complete stranger into the room simply because they asked it of me
  • Why in the name of all that was good and right with the Universe didn’t the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys call… oh… I dunno… the local IT department for the facility?
  • And on that note, why did the Desk Monkey even bother putting in a ticket as the lowest priority possible, sending it to us, when their own protocols (which they’ve gone to great pains to remind us many times) dictate that they should only call us for high priority tickets or above

I told him there was nothing I could do for $user, and I’d have to call $localIT to give him the necessary access, if in fact he had the authority to be in there for the first place. When I called $localOnCall, he laughed a bit and agreed with me that the Desk Monkeys were instructed to call him personally for such a request, but they ignored the request and called my group instead.

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