Chicken Little

The other day, I mentioned that I recently have had the displeasure of beginning to deal with a Tier 1 Desk Monkey who seems to think every supposedly “high priority” ticket, especially those tickets my team is utterly unaware of, somehow requires him to IM me specifically, and (more recently) email or call my team to ask us if we’re doing something to fix it, and if we can validate that this really is an outage, as opposed to him doing these things himself. He’s done this so often, my team’s named him Chicken Little because he seems to think the sky is falling, when it’s almost always nothing of the sort.

Yesterday was no different. He emailed us about a ticket, asking us if we were aware of it, what we were doing to fix it, and whether we were going to declare this a site-wide outage. A cursory check of the ticket showed it was less than 5 minutes old, and was regarded a single switch being down in one section of the local facility, and not the entire site. A check of our monitoring system showed all the site’s switches/routers/servers were in the green, so we replied back to Chicken Little, informing him that not only was this ticket a mere 5 minutes old, but we were unaware of any issues, as our monitoring system showed everything was up and running for the site, nor had the local site even had time to acknowledge the ticket’s existence, let alone reach out for help. We even CC’d the local site to make sure, and they verified that the switch in question was rebooted to finish upgrading the firmware on it, and the users for that section were warned in advance, but a couple either forgot about it, or simply neglected to read the email, and promptly called in, claiming the entire network was down. The local IT folks verified everything was fine, and asked Chicken Little to close the ticket.

He complained that closing tickets was no longer his job, but apparently, reading though the ticket notes wasn’t a part of his job either, since on a number of prior tickets he sent to us, asking if we knew about it/asked us to declare it an outage, the site itself closed the ticket and fixed it prior to him emailing my team, but he apparently missed the fact the ticket was closed before emailing us and asking us questions about it. There’s a general consensus among my team that someone’s ordering him to do this in a vain effort to deflect the prior issues they had where the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys, by default, would declare every high priority ticket a site-wide outage, even if it was a single starfish claiming that their mouse not working constituted a “patient care issue” which a Tier 1 Desk Monkey would dutifully bump up to a higher priority. There’s also a grumbling among several team members in my group that there’s some ulterior motive/agenda for doing this, and there is something fishy in the state of Denmark.

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