Late to the party

Today, my team got forwarded a ticket from a local site that almost made us do a double-take.

The ticket concerned a doctor whose account had been terminated a month ago. All of a sudden, he wanted to have the account reactivated so he could work immediately. There were several problems we discussed…

  1. How could the doctor do his job in the last month, since a terminated account would preclude him from logging in, let alone writing progress notes, or doing anything related to seeing patients?
  2. Why didn’t the doctor call a month ago to have his account reactivated?
  3. The notes on the doctor’s account said that his account was terminated because he failed to complete mandatory training, training which by the way, could get his license suspended for failing to complete.

My coworker, who got the call, tried to contact the doctor, but had to leave a voicemail, and after 2 hours, lowered the ticket to a low priority and kicked it back to the local site to do the work on Monday. He correctly reasoned that it must not have been so “critical to patient care” that the doctor get his account reinstated or to do the required training, if he couldn’t bother to pick up the call of a person actually trying to help him, or call them back within two hours.

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