Oy what a morning…

This morning, it seemed that nothing was going our way in The Matrix.

Right off the bat, there was an email, saying “patient care was impacted” because optometrists couldn’t load pictures they took and they needed it fixed immedately because they couldn’t do their work otherwise. We made the obligatory calls and no one picked up. Finally, someone said they’d look into it, and after about an hour of rummaging around discovered the issue. Two optometry pictures from ONE SINGLE PATIENT wouldn’t load, and the doctor raised holy hell and blew it out of proportion by saying everyone was affected and none of the images would load.

There was also several tickets that came into us in rapid succession, stating $messengerLinks were down for everyone, “patient care was affected” and they all needed help immediately. We tried calling $localOnCall, $localCIO, several other on calls, and no one would pick up. Half an hour after I transferred the tickets over, I get an email from the user claiming she hadn’t been contacted yet, demanding an explanation as to why she hadn’t and also demanding that I call her personally right away because she couldn’t do her job until $messengerLinks came back up. I emailed her back, telling her we were doing everything we could and tried calling everyone we could think of, but nobody was picking up, and we couldn’t force them to pick their phones up, so we were stuck. She then expected me to come personally and fix the issue, to which I replied that I lived several states away, so unless she was willing to pay for all my travel expenses, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. A few minutes later, as if Saturnalia came early, she replied and said everything was working again.

In the middle of all this mess, we got two duplicate tickets stating that after $genertorTest at $localSite, users couldn’t get to “their internet” and claiming it was a patient care issue as well. We called $localOnCall, and left our number, but were yet to hear anything back, nor were we putting much stock into it, since $localSite was one where the local techs viewed on call as a cash cow, simply counting the number of times they got paged over the weekend, and using that to calculate how much overtime they were going to claim, and doing the work when they come in on Monday.

And that was just the first two hours of my shift this morning…

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