To the principal’s office for you!

Today, Bert tried to pawn off a local ticket onto us. It was for $dentalProgram, and upon opening the ticket, it was clear, Bert did no troubleshooting at all in the two days the ticket was stuck in his queue, despite the user being unable to do their job to perform dentistry on patients, some of whom had been waiting for months.

So I decided to let Bert have it… I replied to his email, CCing $localCIO, $assistantCIO, Bert’s boss, and his entire department. I asked what he wanted to have done with the ticket, who he needed it routed to, and upon looking at the ticket, noticing that Bert did no troubleshooting whatsoever, nor did he leave any¬†indication that he did any work at all, since all he put in the email was a screencap of the ticket.

After a few more replies back & forth from Bert, in which he replied only to me (I made sure to re-add everyone he tried to delete from the email string), $localCIO demanded Bert come to his office immediately. After about an hour, $localCIO emailed all of us back, telling Bert in no uncertain terms to do his job, to actually perform some troubleshooting on the ticket and update it accordingly, and in the future, he needs to perform all these steps BEFORE contacting us at The Matrix.

We at the Matrix were almost unanimous in offering to buy $localCIO a beer.

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