Obnoxious Union Narcissist

One of the coworkers I’ve worked with while working for my current department, I came to refer to as the Obnoxious Union Narcissist, or OUN for short.

The OUN had a habit of thinking that any decision by management was a ploy to keep all of us down, and a ploy especially to prevent something he wanted from being done immediately, without even putting one gram of effort to do what he wanted, or is done to harass him personally, or do anything that would make him shut up and do his job, threatening to go to the Union to complain as a result (a threat he never acts upon). Speaking of which, he speaks incessantly, expressing his opinions on things, whether we want to hear them or not, and when someone says something, the OUN takes to opposing position, even if ten minutes prior, he himself made the argument for the position we had just stated, just to piss the rest of us off.

He also got on our division chief’s bad side very early on. In our very first department meeting, before the division chief could even get a full sentence out, OUN declared that we needed immediately to begin to telework from home, and we needed to be exclusively working from home instead of driving into the office all the time. OUN even said that if the division chief didn’t immediately approve it, OUN would go to the Union and file an official grievance, and brought up outdated or nonexistant labor rules to support his position. Needless to say, the division chief didn’t take too kindly to being threatened with a Union grievance in his very first meeting with us, so he laid the law down on the OUN, who shut up for the remainder of the meeting. The irony is, the OUN was one of the biggest anti-Union and anti-Labor people I had ever worked with. And any time anyone got a good-job email from the division chief or our shift supervisor, OUN would belittle them, calling them “dweebes” and any other 80’s era insults he could come up with.

OUN also thought that he was the supervisor of the department, even in the face of our supervisor, ordering coworkers around, telling them to do tickets that $supervisor asked OUN to do, or completely contradicting $supervisor’s orders in front of the entire shift. OUN also LOVED to do voice chats in lieu of emailing or typing in the group IM we had opened throughout the shift, which annoyed the rest of us, because he often did so for menial things, or to discuss his opinions on politics, random articles he liked (which no one else particularly cared for), his two puppies at home, and anything else not related to work. And he’d insist on doing these voice chats while we the rest of us were busy doing other things.

We quickly got annoyed with the incessant voice chat requests, insisting that he stop, which he didn’t like. OUN would either be dead silent for the remainder of the shift, refusing to do much in the way of work, or becoming indignant and downright belligerent, snapping at people for the slightest thing, trying to change the subject to himself, and how mad he was that nobody wanted to talk to him.$supervisor as well, could only tolerate it for so long, until one day, he put his foot down and when OUN wanted to do a voice chat right at the beginning of a shift. $suervisor flat out told the OUN in front of everyone in the group IM that if he (OUN) wanted to say something, to type it out in the group IM, and that the constant voice chats hold the shift hostage, and to stop it immediately.

He also sought to punish anyone he felt wasn’t giving him enough attention by dumping tickets on them, then blind-transferring calls to them in reference to the ticket, and simply being… well, obnoxious. In one instance, while I was ferreting out a lingering networking issue that was preventing radiology images from being transferred to the proper servers, the OUN demanded a voice chat because he got a call from a site I had dealt with earlier in the shift for a printer issue. This time around, the site had a problem with their EHR database, and needed it fixed. Because I had denied his voice chat request, he blind-transferred the ticket to my name, demanded I fix it right away, and forwarded several calls and IM’s to me about it, when I already had my hands full with the networking issue for a completely different site. $supervisor was also pissed because the OUN literally had nothing else going on the entire shift, and yet he dumped a major issue on me (someone who was being paid less than the OUN) while working on something else which was normally handled at the OUN’s level, but which he was simply too lazy to do.

4 thoughts on “Obnoxious Union Narcissist

  1. The way you’re speaking of him in the past tense (‘had a habit’ ‘also sought to punish’), makes me wonder if you’ve been blessed with his permanent absence?

    • Sounds like a special snowflake I used to work with, until they let him go for creating a hostile work environment. Then there was a bit schadenfreude on my part when I came across on him FB and saw that he was still out of work months later.

      • Oh, trust me, both “hostile work environment” and “schadenfreude” have been thrown around more than a few times, since we know he’s going to get hit soon with a major karma bomb…

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