Shoveling words in my mouth

Today, I got a call from a Tier 1 Desk Monkey requesting my presence for a regional conference call. The con-call was in regards to a couple $patientDB apps that weren’t working properly at one site, and as soon as I got on the call, I was immediately hammered with questions by a different Tier 1 Desk Monkey, asking me for a status update as to what was going on, whether I had contacted $programmerTeam yet as he claimed I said earlier I was going to do, how many people were affected by it. and so on.

I tried to tell the Tier 1 Desk Monkey I had literally just gotten on the call and had only known of the existence of the issue for all of 2 minutes, even though the issue was already 6 hours old, but we at The Matrix were only informed of it when I took the call to get on the conference call. Finally after a few minutes of futile effort in explaining I know nothing of the issue and was simply there at the behest of one of the Desk Monkey’s compatriots, $localCIO rather bluntly stated that the Tier 1 Desk Monkey should stop confusing people and keep track of who said what. I got $programmerTeam on the call and off they went in figuring out what was going on.

I discussed the issue with my coworkers, and they agreed this is becoming increasingly common among the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys, they ask us to join a conference call to fix an issue we didn’t know existed, then magically appear on the call to save the day.

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