mail sends on it’s own

so i received this email from user who recently was upgraded from exchange 2010 to exchange 365:

Hi ,

There is a little problem with the new email setup… I have had a number of emails send when I was not finished composing. I am not certain at what point it sends, but can you please take a look at the settings. This has happened 3 times today so far.

Thank you for your help!

3 thoughts on “mail sends on it’s own

  1. I dunno I have a draft saved of my resignation letter just in case i win the lottery or something. I also have some dirt emails saved in my personal mail that i can send on a moments notice when the proverbial #$%^ storm hits the fan. doing that everyday though no that is serious OCD.

  2. This is likely a side effect of the cloud nature of Office 365… the connection breaks or a refresh happens, and that’s interpreted as time to send. One of the risks of relying on a tenuous Internet connection.

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