Mountain out of less than a molehill

Today, I worked solo for the entire shift, and about halfway thru the shift, I get a call, that an entire building at one of the sites had lost its network and phones, and the user, who wasn’t even in the building, arbitrarily told all the people in the building to go home for the day.

I made a couple calls, and quickly discovered what happened. A single person in that building walked by a LAN closet and heard something beeping in there. The local IT folks remoted in to check things, and nothing was redlining, there were no alerts, warnings, nothing. Based solely on one person hearing beeping from one closet, this user decided the entire building was down and told everyone to go home for the day. It got so convoluted, the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys threatened to enforce some new-fangled policy they put in place (which they only did to try and save their contract which is up for renewal) to do a national conference call for it, dragging in national IT people into the fray on the long weekend, but I managed to talk them out of it. Though, I was rather tempted to let them do the call, if only to make the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys look bad for taking the call and putting the ticket in as a Priority 1/Urgency 1, solely on the word of a single person who wasn’t even on location.

The regoinal deputy CIO did get involved, and we had a good laugh at the ticket, wondering how this could get put in, and having a local on-call go in to check things out in the building, only to find everything was working. The user will also have some explaining to do, not only for putting such a call in, but also a) for claiming the building was occupied and people were working on a holiday weekend b) because she didn’t even bother to verify if this was an issue c) just having people go home like that when she wasn’t a manager.

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