Do nothing for the loss

The last few weeks, several of us in The Matrix have been noticing that one site we support has simply begun dumping tickets on us they simply refuse to support. They all seem to have the same theme, financial and insurance programs.

Today was no different. In this case, it was involving purchase orders put into the system. The local techs sat on this particular ticket for an entire month, and it was a simple one too. The ticket involved purchase orders being moved in to the appropriate section within their system. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, I looked at the ticket history, and there were 3 full pages of nothing but 12 and 24-hour notification emails indicating nobody had so much as touched the ticket until today, when one of the local techs dumped the ticket on us, asking someone in The Matrix to fix the problem, for what was obviously a local issue.

I quickly turned around and reassigned the ticket back to the tech who kicked it to us with a not-so-subtle note in the ticket, stating in no uncertain terms that the site had an entire month, and yet no troubleshooting of any kind was done, nor anything else for that matter, and if they wanted to kick it to us, to at least “try” to troubleshoot it.

The site didn’t kick it back to us.

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