I love being right…

The other evening, while jacked into The Matrix, I got a call from a local IT supervisor, insisting that a ticket he was called on get bumped up to The Matrix.

I knew I was in for a fight because $localSupervisor was already agitated. He insisted that the EHR GUI program wasn’t launching, and he needed the Regional applications programming team to fix it immediately. Not only that, he wanted me to conference him in with them immediately. There were several problems with this.

  1. He was completely ignoring the issue where the application server the EHR GUI was hosted on was hosed, and people were having trouble accessing it. When I brought this up, as well as the notes stating that he was called, and the emails he was sent, he claimed ignorance, despite the prior tickets having extensive notes in them containing dates and times he was emailed and called about the issue, meaning he was aware of the server issue, and that this was the likely culprit.
  2. The Regional applications programming group… as the name suggests, they deal solely with the programming of the GUI (meaning they couldn’t do jack about the server it was on being hosed), and not only that, their on calls were notorious for simply not picking up their phones after-hours, meaning there was little to no chance I could conference $localSupervisor in with them. In fact, two of them, I’ve yet to determine whether they are male or female because their names aren’t exactly gender-specific.
  3. In order to contact the applications on call, I’d have to get off the phone with $localSupervisor and call them so that they could, in turn, call $localSupervisor back, but no, he insisted on staying with me on the phone the entire time…
  4. He dismissed, out of hand, the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys’ solution of putting a local copy of the executable on some people’s PC’s so they could limp along until the morning.
  5. His refusal to update the ticket with even the most cursory notes was not my department’s problem, especially if I requested he put in the exact error message people were getting, as well as whatever troubleshooting he did, to avoid any duplication of effort.

No sir, none of that was good enough. He kept saying “But you’re Tier 3!”, to which my response was simple “We may be that, but that still does not mean we can force people to pick up the phone when they do not want to pick it up. And if you refuse to give us even so much as an error message, or even the basics of what you did to troubleshoot the issue, there is little if anything they can do. Nor can we do people’s jobs FOR them.”

Finally, he got the hint, and slammed down the phone. I did my due diligence and tried to call the applications on-calls. One of the app on-call people had yet to set up their voicemail, and the other, I left a rather Lord of the Rings-esque message, just to make sure she knew what she was getting into if she responded. I also updated the ticket, and noted how $localSupervisor basically tried to shove the issue off onto us, as evidenced by no notes whatsoever on the ticket in 5 hours, and refusing to do his job or any troubleshooting whatsoever.

The best part… about 90 minutes after his rather angry call, he replied back, saying the issue was resolved, and all that was needed was a reboot of the application server the GUI’s executable was hosted on.

I do think he’s due for a three course meal of Crow…

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