Count to 10 and breathe…

Tonight, we got a call from the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys. Their phone system was on the fritz, and while they could call out, no one could call into their office. I got the call, and put the ticket in for them to send up to the VoIP team within the Matrix, leaving a voicemail with the VoIP on call.

A couple minutes later, he calls back and gets the FNG. The FNG proceeds to rattle off that the system they use isn’t one we can handle in the Matrix, and that the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys should contact someone else. I told the FNG to put that in an email reply to the one I had sent out a moment earlier, but apparently, the FNG was simply too dense to comprehend that, and just reiterated what he said, and his response was “Would you like to speak to $voipTech, Mr. Podar?” after I tried one more time to get him to copy/paste the info into the reply.

So I sent the email myself, and got the Desk Monkeys in touch with who they needed. Turned out the server they were using just needed a quick reboot, and as it was out on the opposite cost from us, there really wasn’t a thing any of us could do to even touch it.

$daySupervisor, who is still temporarily working on our shift, and I both mused that the FNG is simply to dense to really be asked do even simple things.

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