Well, that sucks…

At some point within the last 24 hours, the site was hacked by people claiming to be Bangladeshi hackers, ones who caught quite a few domains all over the world. As a result of the hack, I was forced to reinstall WordPress from scratch, and all the posts, as well as comments, etc., were wiped out by it.

But the good thing is the site’s back up, and we can keep posting stories 🙂

10 thoughts on “Well, that sucks…

    • Don’t know how they got in, but it appeared a lot of people across the world were affected. A Cursuroy search of the hacker’s handle showed sites in Australia and other countries getting their front pages replaced. As for a counterattack, well, let’s just say once is an “oops, my bad”, twice will be “OK, you asked for the thermonuclear LART”

  1. I’d opine that it’s one of the known issues with WP or the admin panel utility, and the hosting didn’t update the relevant code. With the remainder still intact, I’d lean towards a WP issue.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if that was at least partially to blame, but upon FTPing into one of my servers, I discovered that there was an index.html file there that the sit was directed to by default, and after the relevant password changes on my FTP side, I also removed it and put a known good index.php file from a known good site unaffected. Seems to do the trick.

      That being said however, I have a slightly more pressing matter to contend to, namely a good sized puddle underneath the AC filter in my house. I’ve already contacted the service technician for a tenative schedule of Friday morning (best they could do on short notice).

    • I saw that, and I’ll do my best to reconstruct some of the stories I posted from them.

      But really, it would help if others would post on the site as well. I’d hate to be the only person to be posting to this site 🙂

      • I’ve loved the stories from you and others on TSC over the years. Personally I’d consider myself only a few rungs above the level of a starfish. Lol just enough knowledge to know how bad I can screw things up. I’m currently semi-retired though, and have plenty of time to try and post the old stories back if you like. 🙂

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